Living well for Highly Sensitive, Emotionally Intense, Creative, Gifted, and Twice-Exceptional Folks

Intense people are driven, complex, sensitive, active, imaginative, curious, emotionally reactive, aware of nuance.

This often leads to difficulties with finding satisfying jobs, having fulfilling relationships, figuring out what a good life means, struggling with too many interests to manage, burnout, perfectionism, procrastination, imposter syndrome, or being overwhelmed by the number of complex problems facing the modern world.

Many intense people who haven’t learned to put that intensity to good use suffer from anxiety or depression that is not responsive to therapy or medication.

An unabashedly intellectual and emotionally intelligent approach to coaching can help.

Kate Arms is a practical philosopher, meaning maker, teacher, scholar, writer, and artist. She teaches the skills intense people need to use their intensities to thrive, helps her clients discover hope where they had none and serves as cheerleader, accountability buddy, and tough love provider as her clients work through the challenge of making the changes that are required for them to love their lives.

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For parents of gifted and twice-exceptional kids, we offer a free support group through Facebook, self-care classes, and a series of online, informational classes.

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