Thrive with Intensity is a program of Signal Fire Coaching to support people who self-identify as intense, passionate, creative, gifted, or sensitive, and parents of intense, passionate, creative, gifted, or sensitive children.

Kate Arms, Thrive with Intensity Director, is a personal and business coach at Signal Fire Coaching, writer, and teacher. As a coach, she loves helping gifted, sensitive, and creative people harness their many passions and sensitivities and use that energy to thrive. She also works with organizations and corporate leaders to create cultures where people are not only effective but happy. She is the parent of four gifted kids, three of whom are twice-exceptional and a different three of whom are triplets. Her parenting journey has included periods of reluctant homeschooling and advocacy within public and private school systems. Her current writing projects are focused on healthy interpersonal relationships at home and work and how to have effective high-stakes conversations. She is accredited by the International Coach Federation and certified by The Coaches Institute and the Creativity Coaching Institute.

When she isn’t working, parenting, or otherwise taking care of daily life, she loves to go on adventures.